The Quantum Leap

The Quantum Leap
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The summer solstice is upon us.

Interestingly, solstice comes from the Latin ‘solstitium,’ meaning the stopping or standing still of the sun, and marks the first day of summer. It’s also a day celebrated across many faiths and is strongly associated with fertility, growth and light.

I know, for me, summer has always represented more time outdoors, more time spent by the sea and in nature, and a rejuvenation of sorts, as well as more summer dresses of course!

It doesn’t evade me, however, that the solstice also results in more fiery heat and light and more opportunity to be seen.

Many healers believe that the solstice season is a powerful time to make a change – a quantum leap – in any area of your life that’s been holding you back.

Consider in what areas of your life you are allowing yourself to remain blind to what you most ardently desire.

A passion project?

Making the lasting impact in your community that you’ve always wanted?

Allowing yourself to be your own priority?

I invite you to harness the fiery heat and light of this season to make that quantum leap.

If I may be of service in initiating a change, consider applying for a complimentary session.

To your unbounded potential,

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