Does having a whole tribe of change-makers by your side fuel you?

Do you do your best work when you’re surrounded by an intimate team who has your back and a fearless champion to rally you to step up your game in your life and business?

Then, my group mastermind coaching package may be ideal for you.

I created this comprehensive group coaching package so you could:

  • Uncover and shift subconscious resistance and negative patterns that have been blocking you
  • Co-create a new way of being and generating results in your life
  • Establish an intimate tribe (each cohort limited to 6 participants) of change-makers that support and stand for one another in inspiring, empowering and uplifting each other to cultivate your unbounded potential

What do you get? 

  • Signature welcome packet to get crystal clear clarity about your intended results for our time together and what’s currently standing in your way
  • Three 75-minute group coaching sessions per month for 6 months
  • Customized tools, worksheets, practices and book recommendations that are going to change your life
  • The option to continue on after our package in a few different ways