I Want to Hear from You

I Want to Hear from You
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I wanted to check in and see how you are doing?!

Next week is my birthday, and I’ve been working on a piece to share with you some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned for myself over the past year.

During this period of reflection, I’m in awe of all that has transpired in my world over the past turn around the sun. I started off the year rushing and moving fast in tens of different directions and I’ve noticed this beautiful shift in my relationship with myself. I move slower and more intentionally these days. I start off each morning with meditating in front of my beautiful floor-to-ceiling window which faces East (which you can catch regular pics of over on my IG account) and then begin each morning with a forgiveness practice to release all of the negative self-care and set a powerful and empowering intention for my day. I move my body daily and drink green juice and water with lemon on a regular basis, and I’m amazed.

A year ago, these self-care practices were just a nice idea, but not something I practiced on a regular basis. And yet, I knew when I did make that commitment prioritizing exquisite self-care that everything would change, and it has.

It’s been a full, incredible year. And I cannot believe that April is near already come and gone and May is almost here. Crazy right? Summer is almost here.

So, I just wanted to intentionally slow down for a moment and reach out to see how you are doing.

Just hit ‘reply’ to this email and let me know.

This is completely confidential. I just know how much it means to be seen and truly heard. As part of this community I want you to know you never need to feel alone.

One of the greatest lessons I continually learn as a coach is the importance of prioritizing me, and it was a primary driver when I decided to write my Unbounded Potential Manifesto last year. I love sharing these practices and hearing what others do for self-care. What are your favorite traditions, practices, and acts of self-love?

I look forward to hearing from you.

To your unbounded potential in life and business, 



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