Transforming Your Health Group Coaching

Transforming Your Health Group Coaching
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Photo Credit: Rachel Hegarty

In my home, healthy living is a daily conversation.

Six months ago, I began working with a personal trainer who transformed my exercise habits and dietary choices. In addition, my partner recently became a vegan, meaning we’ve taken a closer look at our eating habits than ever before. Prioritizing healthy living wasn’t always our default, and the changes we see in our energy levels, bodily strength, and well being made the shift totally worth it.

But how have you been doing lately?

I’ve heard many people say they feel like they’re just surviving or getting by. And this is what I call a self-care breakdown.

What is a self-care breakdown you might ask?

It’s when you stop prioritizing your health—like a balanced diet, getting sufficient rest, exercise, etc.—for the dramas du jour or the latest work priority. It’s when you’ve created the habit of prioritizing other things over yourself.

Which is why…

I’m thrilled to announce I am teaming up with Leslie Humphrey, executive national Vice President of Arbonne International—to create a 90-day group coaching experience. This program will support YOU in becoming the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

This 90-day program includes a 30-day challenge to eliminate highly allergenic, inflammatory and acidic foods. This is absolutely key to looking and feeling your best.

Common signs that you might benefit from the cleanse include:

+daily fatigue or low energy
+depression or mood swings
+sleepiness, bloating or gas after meals
+brain fog, lack of concentration or poor memory
+any type of digestive irregularity on a frequent basis
+indigestion or acid reflux
+food allergies or skin problems
+cravings for sugar
+a diet high in processed foods, fast foods, fried foods etc.
+experiencing reoccurring yeast infections, viruses or fungus

Most people don’t realize how good our bodies are designed to feel!

Over the last 10 years, Leslie has coached thousands of people using this 30-day program. Over and over again, her clients complete the detox and carry many of their new healthy habits forward.

Leslie Humprey

The program will also advise you on what to eat to maximize your results. You will give your body healthy, highly absorbable, nutrient-dense supplements and meals that help satiate your cravings. Throughout the 30 days, you will experience the detoxification of your liver, kidneys, gallbladder, lungs and skin. You can expect to feel amazing! Some of the most common results are weight loss, improved sleep, increased energy, clear thinking and improved skin. The community and accountability in this program will help to ensure that you stay on track, get questions answered and share recipes and health ideas.

Together with my own coaching experience, having helped hundreds of individuals break down resistance and road blocks to take back control of their lives, this program will help you to say good bye to those issues and finally start living the life you’ve always intended to.

This program is focused on education around true healthy living, ensuring that you are confident in WHY you make the choices you make. We will provide extensive meal plan options and recipes as well as personal coaching to kick start your success. It’s time to feel incredible!

This 90-day program is open to both men and women.

We begin the week of August 28th and will wrap up the week before Thanksgiving, right in time for you to look your best for the holidays!

The nuts and bolts:

  • Signature welcome packet to get crystal clear on your intended results for our time together and what’s currently in your way
  • Four 90-minute group coaching sessions per month for 3 months that will occur on Mondays from 7-8:30 pm EST.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to facilitate accountability, connection and change 24/7
  • A 30-day Arbonne detoxification experience ($290 investment) plus
  • $200 per month (or $550 pay in full)

We have limited availability, so reserve your spot now. Enrollment ends August 4th.

If you’re interested and have some questions, hit reply and I’ll be in touch or schedule yourself in to speak with me directly here! I respond personally to all messages.

To your health and well being,

Reserve Your Spot Now

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