Impossible isn’t a word I use…

I give credit to my family for that! My entire life I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who have pursued their dreams and lived the life they imagined. You could say that influenced what I perceive as being possible.

  • Living in a foreign country for 4 years and working in the nonprofit sector? Yup.
  • Spending all my cash to enter a brand new career because it felt right? You bet.
  • Manifesting my soul mate out of thin air? Ab-so-lutely.

I stand powerfully for you getting what you want—no matter what that may be.

Where I get it from

When I was 7 years old, my father gave up his career in accounting and my parents spent their savings to buy a foreclosed Bed & Breakfast in a quaint oceanside village. He felt more drawn to baking for his guests than he ever did about spreadsheets. Now more than two decades later, they’re still enjoying having his dream be their reality.

My parents inspired me to explore my own side hustle as a young girl. When I was in 5th grade I walked into the local cinema and asked for a job. For a couple of years until I got promoted to handling the ticket booth (for pay), I got ‘paid’ with tips to work the concession stand and you better believe I had no problem telling all the patrons just that. From wrapping paper and Girl Scout cookie top seller to babysitter to trusted confidante and adviser on parenting/dating/finances (a coach in the making?), I learned that if you believed you could do something, you were more than halfway there.

Often, we are what holds us back—but we can also be what moves us forward

As we grow up, we stop believing in ourselves and in our desires. We learn to honor our fear instead of our faith and our problems instead of our potential. It’s no wonder we so often wind up barely recognizing the lives we create for ourselves.

I’m on a mission to show you there’s another way.

:: A way to have everything you want

:: A way to feel deeply happy, fulfilled and free

:: A way to love the person you were, are and will be

:: A way to bring about the future and impact you envision

You have everything inside of you right now to unleash your potential and achieve your goals. What happens next? You learn how to unlock it.

That’s what I’m here to help you do.

I’ve done this for myself as well.

I have seen my life completely transform as a result of working with my own coach, and now have all the things I not too long ago thought were next to impossible for me—the life, career, and relationship of my dreams. They are not impossible. I can help you do the same.

When I discovered coaching, I immediately fell in love. I knew I had found my calling—the perfect balance of entrepreneurship and co-creation. Coaching allows me to partner with you to pursue your dreams and live the life you’ve always imagined.

Why am I

qualified to do this work?

  • I have trained and been certified by the world’s finest Coach and Leadership Training Program, Accomplishment Coaching. I am a certified Ontological life coach—that’s the study of being. I help you discover the essence of who you really are and support you in bringing your most authentic self to the world
  • As a graduate, I now train and mentor new coaches and leaders every month in Washington, DC with that program
  • I have my own coach who I work with full-time on my own projects and goals to consistently be a stand for serving you at a higher level
  • I am continually expanding my skillset as a coach and entrepreneur and have participated in some of the top personal growth programs out there, including… Marie Forleo’s B-School and the I Can Do It Conference in both New York City and Baltimore

You might

be surprised to learn

  • I really did grow up (living and working) in a Bed & Breakfast. In fact, I come from an entire family of entrepreneurs. My parents still love being Innkeepers, my brother a high-end arborist, and my sister with her own boutique interior design firm. We grew up talking business and still do All The Time
  • My friends and family refer to me as “the happiest person they know”
  • I have successfully trained for two marathons, love kickboxing, and am always up for a new physical challenge. I’m thinking of climbing Kilimanjaro next
  • If you catch me dancing bachata, you may wonder where I’m originally from as there’s nothing that lights me up more than Latin dancing

  • I served as both student body president and treasurer of my college. I was also a Resident Assistant and the student representative to the Board of Trustees. Yup I was one of those students
  • I have 4 godchildren (but none of my own, at least not yet). Two girls and two boys, living in 2 countries and 3 different states. I adore children
  • Bikram is my favorite style of yoga and the first time I tried it, I almost fainted. Have you heard that story before too, I know I have
  • Personal finance is a passion and my Suze Orman Halloween impersonation is still my all-time favorite costume. People first, then money, then things
  • I manifested my soul mate using visualization and a whole lot of inner work and still have to pinch myself sometimes that he’s real and all mine.

Do you want to get on the road to what’s possible?